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The sweat lodge, is an ancient ritual found across cultures worldwide, tracing its origins to indigenous peoples, notably the Siberian and Native American tribes.

Sweat Lodges spread across Europe as a result of cultural exchange, but the tradition faded due to religious persecution and industrialization.


This tradition involves a low, dome-shaped structure where hot stones are placed in a central pit, generating steam for purification and spiritual healing ceremonies.


It symbolizes rebirth, renewal, and connection to the earth, serving as a sacred space for communal rituals and introspection.


Our Sweatlodges are called Cabana's in the brazilian tradition we work with. Created by our Shaman and teacher Alba Maria. 

We work specifically with Shamanism of the Mother Goddess and the four elements. Honouring and celebrating the invisible forces that surround us and support us to live and experience life here on this earth. 

The Cabana is considered a purification hut. A sacred womb of renewal and rebirth. Cleaning and cleansing our physical and spiritual bodies. Inviting us to reconnect with ourselves, nature and our ancestors.

In the full day retreats we work together in community. Building the sacred fire, preparing the flowers and herbs for a herb and flower bath.


Through group dynamics we create opportunities to illuminate your shadow. By unveiling the unconscious patterns that may be keeping you stuck in limiting beliefs and self sabotage.


Releasing old stories, moving towards more freedom of expression and creativity. 

Check out the events page for our next Cabana retreat.


We sing, we pray, we drum, we dance. We remember.

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