I love to offer these healing spaces. We work with sound and Cacao in this ceremonial infused gathering. The opportunity here is to relax open the heart, enjoy the sounds, share and connect with like-minded individuals.

We can journey quite deeply together in this offering. It is open to anyone who is drawn to self healing and connecting.

The approach

We drink a cup of Ceremonial grade Cacao and share our intentions with the group. After this, you are invited to lie back and absorb the frequencies of the sounds. I like to work intuitively with the instruments as it depends entirely on the energy of the group on the day. My instruments include - Gong, Himalayan bowls, Crystal bowls, Drum, Voice, Percussive instruments and Native American Flute.

Sharing Circle

Sharing in a group can appear daunting at times, but it is such a powerful tool and has many benefits. Such as, boosting confidence in public speaking, being witnessed & heard in a safe compassionate space, it can also trigger an emotional therapeutic release by hearing your own thoughts and feelings out loud possibly for the first time! Lastly, we can recognise similarities and gain insights when hearing each others stories and experiences, which can bring catharsis, comfort and connection. 


"The Cacao ceremony was incredibly powerful for me and linked in amazingly with the healing I'm doing (who'd have thought that the universe would facilitate that!)

So thank you for not only providing such an amazing therapy, but also for holding such a wonderfully safe space. It was amazing and truly beautiful" x


“As a relative newcomer to sound therapy I have found significant benefits from attending Camilla’s sound baths as a means of relaxation, removing stress and possibly reducing blood pressure. In January I joined her Cacao, Sound, Drum & Voice Journey, a three hour ceremony, which for me had the unexpected effect of removing barriers and setting in train many thought processes only appreciated in the days after. In a peaceful and comfortable atmosphere Camilla created a small  trusting group willing to share intentions and feelings through an introductory drink of Cacao and sounds from her playing of Himalayan singing bowls, gong, crystal bowls, finishing with drum with voice accompaniment. For a very private person this ceremony brought about changes that feel good.”