At a young age I was drawn into nature and the outdoors by my parents choosing to bring myself and my brother up in the Kentish countryside. I developed a love & connection towards animals and nature and always felt a sense of freedom and calm when exposed to them. I was fascinated by Western & Chinese astrology and dreams and their interpretations. I was off in my own little world refusing to engage with societal norms like after school clubs, playdates etc much to the frustration of my parents.

We never stayed still as a family. We moved frequently in and around the South East. Laying down roots wasn't something that I became accustomed, albeit always a home nestled in nature. This made it difficult to make lasting friendships. On later reflection, this encouraged me to connect deeper with the essence of being a free spirit. Always changing, moving and flowing. This has served me well, by teaching me not to hold onto life and it's circumstances too tightly. 

Deeper turn -

At the age of 11 in the early 90's my parents separated & I witnessed a tragic event at my primary school. The comforts and safety that I was accustomed to rapidly changed in short amount of time - We moved away from the country, into a town & being highly sensitive I didn't adjust well. I was exposed to drugs and alcohol along with an accelerating mental health condition from my sibling which back then, wasn't widely understood and support wasn't available. I slowly became reclusive and destructive using drugs to escape and block out what I was feeling. This chapter lasted for many years until I could no longer run or hide from the trauma I had experienced. 

Life lessons and skills 

This to me, is my qualification. I understand, through experience about life and it's shadowy painful aspects, particularly around addiction, severe mental health conditions & unresolved trauma. This chapter in my life ignited & supports the work I do today. We can only meet others as deeply as we've met ourselves, rings true for me.

College & profession 

I have been a singing teacher for the last 13 years and was fascinated by the therapeutic power of singing more over the technicality . I joined the Holistic Healing college in London to broaden my knowledge and skills working therapeutically. I came away with a Certificate in Spiritual Life Coaching a fully qualified Soul Plan Practitioner and Soul Transformational therapist.  I later decided to head back to the college and add modules & intensives in Shibashi Chi Kung. Later, I completed a Diploma in Group Sound Therapy with The British Academy of Sound Therapy & Trauma Awareness training with Catherine Hale.

Peru & Shamanism

After training, my partner Nick and I embarked on an adventure to the Peruvian Amazon (he loves to go on adventures into the unknown as much as I do) Some of the techniques at the college for shifting energy had their roots in shamanic practises so I wanted to experience this from the source & heal some trauma that I was still carrying from my past. This ended up becoming a life changing experience. Everything I had read, practised & studied had taken a much deeper turn. Almost to the point I wanted to go home. There was a part of me that didn't want to know how deep the rabbit hole went. In the end much like Alice, curiosity got the better of me.

One thing, that fascinated me, was the Shamans ability to enhance and reduce the effects of the medicine during ceremony with the songs they sing throughout. When I came home from the jungle I decided to enrol at The British Academy of Sound Therapy and learn to use sound and voice to compliment my other therapies.

My Intention 

To empower my clients to dig deeply into their behaviours and patterns. To support this process with tenderness & care by inviting awareness into aspects of themselves that might be causing confusion, pain, or creating a lack of flow in their lives. In doing this, we can co-create frequencies where love, courage, understanding and wisdom can flourish.