Flourish Therapy

My journey of healing accelerated in 2008 where I found myself opening up to alternative ways in which I could heal myself, without the use of medication and regular GP visits. 

I was stuck in patterns created from my past that were unhealthy, unproductive and were causing me to fall deeper into depression, fatigue, alcohol and drug abuse.

On the outside I looked fine & on the inside I was so incredibly lost, angry and alone.

I started with steps into Reiki, Counselling, Energy Healing, Self Enquiry, Meditation and read many books from different cultures, all stating they could “Heal my Life”

With little success, I later moved into much faster and more aggressive types of healing, that led me to some very unusual situations, people and places (which are stories for another time)

I didn’t know what I was searching for at the time, but now I understand that I was searching for a “middle ground” therapy. Something that was capable of handling the trauma and addiction I was carrying but at the same time something slow, that had depth, which was supportive and spiritually focused. 

I was absolutely committed and still am to healing myself but I realise its imperative that we work with the right therapists and the right therapies for our individual needs. I needed to work with somebody who understood me, who had experienced trauma and who was capable of reaching back, taking my hand & guiding me on a path that was well trodden for them. 

I had the pleasure of meeting several therapists and healers that truly understood my needs. As my awareness deepened, so did my ability to select the right healers for me to work with. This inspires me to provide the same support and tenderness to my clients.

Do you want to understand whats happening in your body when challenging people, situations or circumstances arise in your life? Do you ever find yourself freezing and feeling overwhelmed or depressed? Do you ever feel you wish you could respond differently to stressful situations?

Flourish therapy was created by consciously delving into my medicine bag and weaving together the therapies I have studied & the exercises I have used personally, that have had a lasting impact on my development. 

I invite you to walk with me, through the lens of your own experience to unpick the stitching of the armour you wear that weighs you down and holds you back from being in alignment with your own soul.

We often loose touch with our Souls essence and reason for being here - This is largely due to family experiences & dynamics, societal pressures, unconscious systemic patterns, collective traumas & individual traumatic experiences. This can be particularly raw and painful if we have experienced some form of neglect in our developmental years. These can create challenges in our lives that pull us away from who we truly are at our core. 

The work we do together within this framework gives you a much deeper understanding of who you are, what drives you forward, what holds you back, what your needs are and how to meet them. Insight, healing & clarity arises entirely from YOU. I offer the therapeutic framework needed to support you, along with exercises to make discoveries within yourself. This is - Tender, Structured, Empowerment.

What does Flourish therapy involve?

Trauma awareness

Understanding nervous system responses

Soul Plan 

Inner child work

Body sensing 

Archetypal energies

Establishing needs

Sound Meditations


Who is Flourish therapy for?

You like to feel supported within a structured framework

You prefer to work with something tangible & grounded

You are ready to commit but want to work at a slower pace

You'd like to have an understanding of trauma and how it effects you

You are open to working with yourself outside of the sessions

You'd like to know what your needs are

You want to ignite love and understanding for yourself

You'd like to create your own medicine bag for support in challenging times

You are ready to flourish

This therapy is presented as a course of 5x 1.5 hour sessions or more. The journey is led by you and the frequency of sessions is in line with your needs as we go. The sessions are £65 per session with ongoing support outside of the sessions.