About Sound Therapy - FAQ

Sound touches everyone differently, you can attend a sound bath simply for relaxation, to switch off! or perhaps its because you have physical ailments and you'd like some pain relief. You may have some emotions that you would like to address or you may be very deeply on the Spiritual path and would like to connect with the cosmos and obtain guidance and wisdom. Sound doesn't discriminate :)

How does a Sound Bath work?

Practitioners all work differently depending on where they have trained, because of this our techniques and ways of delivering a sound bath will vary, it also varies depending on the style and intention of the practitioner.

My training and style is to induce an altered state of consciousness, allowing the participant to lower their brain wave frequencies into a relaxed state, much like the state we are in just before we go to sleep or when we catch ourselves day dreaming. In this state we can drift off often experiencing imagery, colours and patterns. This is also coined as the Hypnogogic state. There has been a lot of interest & research in this state, as many artists and creatives use this brain wave frequency to bring in creative ideas & insights, as the brain function is no longer bound by its usual restraints.

My particular way of working is to offer a sharing opportunity after the sound bath. Often, participants experience imagery, emotions, physical sensations and dream like visions & the sharing aspect acts as an opportunity to reflect and receive feedback from myself and other participants.

Sharing creates connection with others, which is an important factor in maintaining our mental health and wellbeing and is integral to the work I offer.

Are sound baths always pleasant?

The sound meets us where we are at the time, so it's not unusual for somebody experiencing high stress levels or a busy mind to have difficulty in switching off. It is also common for certain sounds to be found irritating or unpleasant. Some days we love playing music and other days we don't. Sound has a clever way of meeting us where we are. Having challenging experiences within a Sound Bath gives us the opportunity to see ourselves & reflect which enables us to ignite change. Equally, the sound can bring up feelings & emotions that are stored in our subconscious mind so it is advisable, in my opinion, that we choose to work with practitioners who are equipped & qualified to support this.

What are the benefits of Sound Therapy?

The brainwave states we achieve in a sound bath are not just good for us, they are necessary, amongst other things, for maintaining potassium sodium levels, repairing cells, recovering from stress, nervous system restoration, memory recall and imagery. Allowing our brains to enjoy suspended periods of time in lower brainwave frequencies can improve our health and wellbeing and in most cases, sound baths are a simple & productive way of achieving the break our systems need in order to repair.

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