In Soul Transformation Therapy I use a Soul Archetype Tarot card deck (pictured below) to diagnose firstly the polarity. We are all affected by polarity challenges such as slavery/mastery, war/peace, wealth/poverty, Life/death etc. After the polarity has been determined, we select another card from the deck to gain further clarity and narrow down the separation pattern which provides us with the core issue effecting the clients flow in their life at that time. This therapy is primarily focused on releasing energies on soul levels. 

The method then provides up to seven healing interventions to clear blockages which includes a tree of life soul retrieval method, a dynamic energy healing method and Soul Plan archetype work which has some similarity to Jungian Shadow work, psychosynthesis and sub-personality work. Depending on the healing intervention, I will often incorporate my instruments to support and enhance our session. The drum is particularly powerful for using alongside the tree of life Soul Retrieval intervention.

Soul Transformation Therapy puts together the essence of some of the best healing approaches into a very clear and structured package which is enjoyable and deeply healing to work with. Every session ends with a ‘Soul Plan future reading’ which points to a way forward for the client to continue to enhance and integrate the healing into their daily lives.

If this resonates with you or strikes a chord. I would be honoured to walk with you and provide support on your journey. Please feel free to contact me to discuss further or book a 1-2-1 session. These sessions also work well over Skype so if that is more convenient for you please do get in touch to discuss.

Who created Soul Transformation Therapy

Soul Transformation Therapy was created by Blue Marsden who is the founder and Director of the Holistic Healing College in London and the Author of Soul Plan published by Hay House. Attending these courses, being taught and studying with Blue had a huge impact and changed the trajectory of my life. I can't thank Blue and the college enough-