My intention when conducting a sound bath is to lower the brainwave frequencies. We also refer to this as an altered state of consciousness (ASC). The frequencies most desirable for sound bath sessions & deep relaxation are the alpha & theta brainwave frequencies. However, further research has documented that the higher brainwave frequencies such as gamma has been shown to bypass natural fight or flight responses and tunes into frequencies most associated with creativity, intuition and feeling a connection to the universe. Achieving these higher frequencies has been mostly measured using highly experienced meditators but is something I am very keen to explore as a sound therapist. 

We all at times of the day catch ourselves daydreaming or not remembering a car journey we have just completed. This is our brain's way of taking some time out! We call this daydreaming, "trancing out" or "zoning out".

This isn't a random occurrence, this is a very natural response from our system, in taking a much-needed break. When we feel this way we tend to reach for a coffee or some other stimulating activity to attempt to wake ourselves up. After all, trancing out at our desks or forgetting a car journey isn't something we are particularly proud of!

These brainwave states are not just good for us, they are necessary, amongst other things, for maintaining potassium sodium levels, repairing cells, recovering from stress, nervous system restoration, memory recall and imagery. Allowing our brains to enjoy suspended periods of time in lower brainwave frequencies can improve our health and wellbeing and in most cases, sound baths are a much safer and productive way of achieving the break our systems need in order to repair.