My aim is to honour both aspects of working with sound and it's therapeutic capabilities. On one hand, we have pages of modern day scientific research and studies using sound and music psychology for therapeutic benefits. On the other hand, we have evidence and documented sites all over the world showing us how sound & vibration was used and continues to be used for healing within sacred ceremonies and for the community.

It has been suggested that the ancients were far more advanced than us in terms of their understanding of sound and its therapeutic effects. Some researches have boldly challenged the anthropologists of ancient Egypt in suggesting that The Great Pyramids were not built as tombs. They are thought to be carefully crafted echo chambers, harmonically aligned with the earths natural vibration to be utilised for their healing vibrational frequency to the communities that surrounded them. These structures and their specific design continue to be uncovered all over the world and their practical use is still being questioned and challenged today. 

For us now, sound & music still plays a powerful role in our everyday lives. It can make us happy and it can make us sad. It can provoke deep thoughts, imagery and unexpected emotions. All of which can be incredibly powerful for us if we set an intention in a safe, assisted environment to work with it therapeutically. We can invite the sound waves and vibrations to support us in clearing and releasing emotional, physical, spiritual or mental blocks from our energetic systems. Maybe, this is what the Ancients knew.........!?!

In my own personal experience and as a practitioner, I have found sound a much less invasive way than some other methods of maintaining health & wellbeing. I have also recognised its continuous capability of connecting us to the deeper spiritual aspects of our nature.