My offering to you in a 1-2-1 session is a safe, non-judgemental container for you to delve into the deepest aspects of your being & allow spirit and the vibrational medicine to work their magic. I use Soul Plan and sometimes Soul Transformation cards to assist your process.


My approach to 1-2-1's

Firstly, I'd like to know a little bit about you and your experience. I will invite you to write a little bit about yourself, your childhood, and any concerns you have about your health and wellbeing that you feel I should be aware of wether that be physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually and lastly, what is the main reason you have decided to come for therapy. 

This enables me to connect to you prior to our session. This also encourages you to start to connect with your own process before we begin. Writing can be incredibly cathartic & this gives you the privacy and space to approach it at your own pace before we met.

I will also ask you prior for your full name as it appears on your birth certificate. This enables me to create your Soul Plan before you arrive as this can help to support your healing. 

Soul Plan is a new interpretation of an ancient system of life purpose analysis. ... ' A Soul Plan is based upon the sound vibration of your birth name (as it appears on your birth certificate) and may also take into account the name you are now using. 


Our session

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