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Camilla is a qualified sound therapist, breathwork facilitator, Vocalist and shamanic practitioner. Currently initiating into ceremonial Cacao and the Cabana.

Her work is underpinned by Shamanism of the Mother Goddess and the four elements from the teachings and guidance of XamAm Alba Maria of the Terra Mirim tribe in Brazil. 

Camilla arrived on her path of healing after experiencing complex PTSD as a child. Embarking on a long, mystical and painful journey to find safety and trust within her own being and body. 

Her approach to this work is a gentle unfolding of the unconscious layers we have created to protect ourselves. 


She supports others to find safety in vulnerability by revealing and liberating their true nature.

Hey Great Spirit

Hey Great Mother

Hey Shaman

Mother nature is a guiding force in the sound journeys. 

Drawing inspiration from her, enhances the sound healing experience. 

Her rhythms and vibrations harmonizing with the four elements, earth, air, fire and water deepening relaxation inviting a more intimate connection with our environment.

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