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Vibrational Medicine

Using sound as medicine

I use a variety of instruments such as Gong, Crystal bowls, Himalayan singing bowls, Shamanic Drum, Monochord, Voice and percussive instruments such as rattles, rain-stick and shakers. Immersing us into a deeply healing Sound Bath experience.

All of the instruments hold different frequencies just like the elements and nature itself and will touch the receiver where they need to be touched in that present moment. This is why EVERY experience with sound is different.

The instruments and frequencies they emit, provoke the receiver in an array of different ways, from releasing deeply buried emotions, highlighting mental patterns and physical discomforts to feeling connected to spiritual energies, seeing visions, patterns & colours, with often an incredibly deep sense of relaxation.

Participants are called to approach each sound bath experience with courage and openness to what might arise for them. Please fee free to contact me with ANY questions you might have. 

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Intuitive Events

Nature and the seasons

Each event I offer is unique the approach is fluid and inspired by, 

The Moon cycles

The shifting of the seasons

Sacred Festive Days

The elements Earth, Air, Water, Fire

Archetypal energies

My work is expressed through sound and rooted in shamanism of the Mother Goddess (Mother earth, nature, seasons and cycles) 

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Group Work

Community & Connection

Blending group dynamics before a sound immersion works beautifully, by co-creating a fun and interactive experience. Preparing our bodies and nervous systems into a state of openness and receiving.

The dynamics are focused on working with each of our bodies. Emotional, mental, physical and spiritual. When these bodies are loosened we are more susceptible to a deeper interaction with the sound.

The dynamics can include sharing, movement & dance, Cacao Rituals, breath work, singing as a group and connecting with each other through group activities such as mandala making, creating gifts from nature for loved ones past & present.

My approach: Services

Offering Collaborations

Who do I work with & what do we offer


Collaboration is an important part of what I offer. It allows a sense of community to grow with like-minded individuals who have similar visions for healing and well-being with an emphasis on re-connecting to ourselves, each other and nature.

- Members of the bird tribe from Terra Mirim

- Yoga teachers based in West Sussex.

- Walnut Retreats in Horsham

- The Salt Box in Surrey

- Be You Wellbeing Retreats, Pulborough

- Heartland Retreat, Dorset

- Sweatlodge/Cabana Rituals

- Daughter of the Moon Rituals

- Yoga and Sound bath events

- Shamanic Ceremonies 

- Sound Baths in the Forest

My approach: About
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