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Intention to manifestation?

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

In our sound baths, I always start by inviting everyone to set an intention for the session. The intention could be anything from worldly to spiritually, from the physical to the emotional. Does our intention go to manifestation in one swift process? No it does not.

In between our intention to its manifestation there are other important parts of the process, but unfortunately they are often skirted around or disregarded completely. I wanted to lay out for you what the process might look like from my own personal experiences and deliver it in a way that honours the whole process and cycle. I like to use nature as my metaphor because thats what we are.


Our intention is the seed in which we wish to plant, just like choosing a seed of a flower to plant in your garden. We rarely would just pick up any seed and hope for the best. We would look at the size of flower it's going to produce, the colour or colours, its type, wether it needs shade or direct sunlight and how much water or pruning and attention it might need. This is how we can select our intentions with mindfulness and consideration. This gives the intention more power if we are completely aligned and clear about what we want to change, let go, or bring in.


The definition of metamorphosis is - A change of the form or nature of a thing or person into a completely different one. This stage of our seed of intention in its simplest explanation signifies a change. A change is starting to occur, an alchemy is beginning to take place. Just like our flower seed buried in the darkness of its soil starting to swell and expand.

The storm

While our metamorphosis process is taking place a storm is occurring. Our environment for our seed is changing. It could be likened to a gentle wind blowing, or it could be a hurricane knocking down and blowing away everything on its path. When ever we decide with intention to change something in our lives, it has an effect on our inner and outer environment. It's like repotting a plant, we pull the plant out of its pot away from its comfort, exposing its roots and plonk it into a new environment. This is likely to cause discomfort initially, but once its adjusted to the new pot it will be more comfortable.

This part of the process can be relatively smooth or it can hit us strongly and this largely depends on the kind of seed we are planting. It can be painful and uncomfortable but it is essential. In order for our seed to grow under the soil, it must break through its outer casing. This can bring uncomfortable emotions and sensations to the surface. In its intensity, let it all be seen heard and witnessed either by yourself or somebody you trust and feel safe with. It's very natural to feel this way during a storm. Self care, kindness and compassion soothes this phase. We are changing, and to acknowledge this when it's occurring with being kind and gentle with ourselves is part of honouring the process.

Manifestation/rising up

Our seed has now broken through its pod. It's green stem is starting to rise like a phoenix out of the ashes. It's still the same seed, but it's changed. It's come out of the darkness of the earth, and is now reaching out of the soil and feeling the light touching its tip. It feels peaceful and pleased with itself basking in the sunshine excited for new ventures and creativity. It feels a little lighter now that the weight has been lifted. This is a time for celebration to reap the fruits that you have sown. The hard work has paid off and you made it through.

Back to Balance

This part of the process can still be joyful but it also brings with it change. The afterglow of rising up & breaking through has begun to plateau. The feelings of change feels great, but there is also a sense that we must continue on our journey. There are more seeds to plant. This is inviting us to practise acceptance. This for me personally, is my preferred stage as it feels rooted.


Our existence is a continuous cycle of brith, death and re-birth. It isn't linear. It's a spiral of constant change. In order to embrace the highs we are encouraged to embrace the lows and bring both into balance. Every time we set an intention, we are creating a change and that change is necessary to evolve. The less we hold onto, the more we can step into being ourselves with a little less baggage than before. This opens up new doors, changes our frequencies, which creates fresh relationships and opportunities. The process continues on but with less stagnation and a deeper understanding of the process itself, making it less of a shock when the metamorphosis stage begins again. There is no beginning or end. It's a cycle just like nature.

Love and blessings

Camilla xx

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