Welcome to my website and thank you for being here. I offer group sound baths and therapy, Cacao and sound ceremonies, private 1-2-1 therapy and collaborative workshops with other health and wellness professionals.

I hold a Diploma in Group Sound Therapy and Certificates in Soul Plan Reading, Soul Transformational Therapy, Spiritual Life Coaching, Reiki and Trauma Awareness.

I am blessed to continue my personal and professional development supporting under a Healer from Brazilian lineage in his healing circles. This relationship is valuable in providing me with mentoring, community values & Shamanic techniques to incorporate into my workshops and therapies, whilst simultaneously having the opportunity to be in service to others.

My Mission -

I am here to create a lovingly structured, safe container for healing & connection to take place. My belief is, as we heal our individual and collective traumas - We are simultaneously helping to create a world that is built on compassion, wisdom & depth towards ourselves, others and Mother Earth herself. I do not believe we are here to live in a materialistic, fast paced, industrialised world. We are here for healing, connection, cooperation and community.


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Findon, Sussex

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